Nation needs ‘Pradhan Mantri’, not ‘Prachar Mantri’: Akhilesh slams Modi

Attacking the prime minister Narendra Modi, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav said today, that  “The nation needs a “Pradhan Mantri” (prime minister) and not a “Prachar Mantri” (publicity minister).”  However, he  said he would not coin any nomenclature for the NDA “as people will themselves understand.”

Addressing an election rally in Hardoi, he accused the BJP of using the divide and rule policy of the British for grabbing power. He SP chief asserted that the SP-BSP alliance will not let the saffron party succeed in its designs.

Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said people voted for ‘chaiwala’ and tasted tea. “As you know the taste of tea now, will you vote for him again?” he asked the gathering at an election meeting Hardoi.

“The BJP is playing divide and rule game of Britishers. They are creating division (in society) on the basis of caste and religion with the sole purpose of grabbing power. But, the SP-BSP alliance will not let the BJP succeed in its designs,” he added.

“Unitedly we will fight and also win against these forces,” he said. Akhilesh asked if the alliance of three parties (SP-BSP-RLD) is ‘maha-milawat’ (as described by Prime Minister Modi), then what will you call alliance of 38 parties.

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