Even my house should be raided if I do something wrong: PM Modi

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that if he does anything wrong, there should be Income Tax raids at his house too. Addressing a a rally in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh, where had had gone after filing his nomination paper in Varanasi earlier in the day, he said that the opposition leaders were accusing the BJP of conducting raids at their houses.

Referromg to the recent raids at the homes of chief minister Kamal Nath’s aides in Madhya Pradesh, “They ask why are raids being conducted at the Congress leaders’ homes. They say ‘we are Congress leaders, why are we being raided?’ The law is the same for everyone,” he said.

“If Modi makes mistakes, there should be income tax raids at Modi’s house too. The law is equal for all,” he said. He claimed that the money that had been recovered in the Madhya Pradesh raids at Kamal Nath’s aide’s houses was meant to be used in Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s electoral campaign.

He accused the Congress of announcing various schemes and committing scams under the guise of those schemes.He said that “From Delhi to Bhopal, in the Congress, corruption is a symbol of manners. Your chowkidar is alert. Neither the naamdaar nor his ministers will be saved.”

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