Air India server goes down for six hours

Hundreds of Air India passengers were left stranded at several airports across the world as its check-in software stopped functioning for around six hours, since early morning. The software, which is of Atlanta-based SITA company, was not functioning approximately from 3 am to 9 am.

Consequently, boarding passes could not be issued at major airports across the world and various flights were delayed. However, Air India chairman and managing director Ashwani Lohani said that the system has been restored and it has begun functioning. He regrets the inconvenience that passengers had to face. According to him, the  Air India uses a passenger services system, which looks after check-in, baggage and reservation, of the SITA company and “it was taken for maintenance today morning” by them.

“After that, there were some technical glitches, because of which, the system was not functional. There were some major problems at big airports such as Delhi,” he added. SITA regretted the inconvenience caused said it had experienced a complex system issue during server maintenance early morning which resulted in operational disruption to flights.

“We are trying to regularise all the flights for the day. But there would be some delay of flights today. I am expecting a delay of around two hours. Because in the morning, the whole system got disturbed,” he added.

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