No dialogue with Pakistan unless terrorism is stopped: Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah today has reiterated his party’s stand with regard to dialogue with Pakistan. While addressing a rally in Bihar’s Sitamarhi and Saran districts, he asserted that there will be  no dialogue with Pakistan until and unless terrorism is stopped from there against India.

He said that the new India with a Narendra Modi-led government will never compromise with Pakistan sponsored terrorism and continue neutralising the terrorists in a very deadly and befittingly way.

In a hard-hitting comment, he said: “If Congress President Rahul Gandhi owes a soft corner towards Pakistan backed terrorism, better he says ‘ILU, ILU’ to terrorists. The Narendra Modi-led government will continue avenging the terror acts with no dialogue till the terror is tamed.”

Amit Shah made it clear that the safety of the nation is above everything for the BJP and its allies.  “And those, who have sought proof time and again on anti-terror strikes, carried out by Indian armed security forces, crossing the border will get a befitting electoral reply by the people of India,” he added.

Attacking the 10 years of the UPA government at Centre, Shah said Bihar was never given its due share for development. “But when the NDA came into governance, around Rs 6,06,000 crores for the development works were allotted to the state, which has now been brought on the track of development by Nitish Kumar –led state NDA government,” he said.

He said “Modi hai to vikas hai’ and the NDA will continue on its agenda of ‘sab ke sath, sab ka vikas’.

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