China not to obstruct UN to act against Masood Azhar ?

China, which is obstructing the United Nations from acting against Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar is said to be now likely to side with the world community, deserting Pakistan’s pressures in this regard. UN sources expecting that China is set to pave way at a UN sanctions committee, tomorrow, for further global financial sanctions against the banned group.

Azhar’s designation as a global terrorist would be a major diplomatic victory for the Narendra Modi government, which has been pushing for the move particularly since the February 14 terror attack in Pulwama.

Official sources are confident that Mayday is going to be the death knell for Masood Azhar, as he will be designated as a global terrorist by the UN’s Islamic State and al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee, with Beijing caving in to the global demand led by the US, France and the UK that the main orchestrator of the Pulwama attack be brought to book.

They are expecting that China is ready to lift the technical hold which it had placed on March 13 on the proposal by the US, the UK and France, with all other Security Council members approving the move.

While there were reports suggesting that Beijing wanted to lift the hold around May 15, the other members of the UN Security Council, led by the US, have made it clear that time was running out for China and its all-weather ally Pakistan on the issue of Azhar.

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