Ness Wadia gets 2-year suspended jail term in Japan

Ness Wadia, chairman of the Bombay Burmah Group and co-owner of Kings XI Punjab cricket team, has been sentenced to a two-year jail term in Japan for drug possession while on a skiing holiday.

Wadia, the eldest son of Nusli wadia and heir to the 283-year-old Wadia Group, was arrested at a Japanese airport in early March after custom officials found about 25 gm cannabis resin in his trouser pocket.  According to the report, Wadia has admitted to possession, saying that the drug was for his personal use.

“Ness is now back in India. The judgement is clear. It is a suspended sentence. Hence it will not impact Ness Wadia in the discharge of any of his responsibilities and he will continue to play the role that he has done hitherto, both within the Group and outside,” said a Wadia group spokesperson.

 Wadia had earlier been in the news first over his relationship with actor Preity Zinta and then their split. Later Zinta accused him of molestation and intimidation during a 2014 IPL cricket match. Wadia denied the allegations which were dismissed by the Bombay High Court in October last year.

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