91springboard conducts ‘Superwomen in Business’ programme to empower female entrepreneurs

Bengaluru, May 1: 91springboard’s ‘superwomen in business’ program wishes to correct the balance of power between women and men through events in selected hubs across the country where participants will be given a conducive platform to connect, engage and absorb from other start-up experiences with an exceptional focus on women. 91 Springboard spokesmen said “it’s just that women don’t get sufficient prospects in a male dominated society. We want to create a safe environment for these incredible women to learn and succeed.”

A host of distinguished speakers will grace the occasion.  The speakers include Bhavna Toor, Founder & CEO, Shenomics and Vandana Sharma-Woman Icon, Career coach, TEDx Speaker, Military veteran, Entrepreneur and influencer. The renowned speakers will shed some light on women empowerment, personnel management and business strategy for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

“The 91springboard ‘Superwomen’ program aims to give more support to women entrepreneurs of India and we are thrilled to be doing this. The purpose of the program was to inculcate within women the assertion of finding a platform that will provide sustenance to their dreams and aspirations and address the imbalance in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. These kinds of events and exclusive programs are safe spaces, for aspiring or existing entrepreneurs, to learn and be given the same opportunity as men. We hope that this partnership will continue to breed the number of female led start-ups in India” said Pranay Gupta, cofounder of 91springboard.

The co-working spaces at 91springboard will, through this program create opportunities for those women entrepreneurs. The community of Superwomen can then rely on help in the start-up domain that is not always intended to help women succeed.

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