PM Modi mocked Congress surgical strikes claim

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi today mocked Congress’ recent claims that six surgical strikes were conducted in the UPA regimes and ridiculed that such `strikes’ are on paper. They could be six, 20 or even 25, it does not matter.

“When you have to do it on paper only, or in video games, then whether they (surgical strikes) are 6 or three or 20 or 25, what difference does it make to these people?” the PM said while addressing a rally at Sikar in Rajasthan.

PM Modi’s comments came a day after senior Congress leader Rajiv Shukla, while claiming that the UPA government had carried out six surgical strikes between 2008 and 2014, had given out the dates of the surgical strikes.

He further wondered aloud how no one got to know to about these strikes, not the terrorists, Indians or even Pakistan. “Congress now claims they carried out 6 surgical strikes. What strikes were these about which the terrorists did not get to know, Pak didn’t know, even Indians didn’t know.. First they mocked, then protested and now they say me too, me too.”

In remarks critical of the Congress, he said that even though the world was standing by the Indian Air Force which had conducted the air strike, the Congress had been demanding proof of the strike. “Pakistan has been crying itself hoarse in front of the world about the air strike, but the Congress isn’t ready to believe it. They have been demanding proof of the air strike,” PM Modi said.

Claiming that the Congress was only obsessed with the PM’s chair, the PM said “they aren’t able to see the bravery of the soldiers who conducted the air strikes”.

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