Vice President releases postage stamp of Sri Vedanta Desikan

Vice President, M. Venkaiah Naidu released a postage stamp to commemorate the 750th birth anniversary of Sri Vedanta Desikan in New Delhi. He said that our textbooks must throw light on the lives of great saints and spiritual icons such as Sri Vedanta Desikan so that our children internalize and practice the lofty ideals of humanism, peace and compassion propagated by them.

‘Sri Vedanta Desikan is one of the most prominent preceptors in the Srivaishnava tradition and one of the most effulgent luminaries to have graced this land’, the Vice President added. Initiatives like bringing out commerative postage stamps were not only meant to pay tribute to the great contributions of visionaries like Sri Vedanta Desikan but also aimed at inspiring our younger generation to follow in their footsteps.

The Vice President termed Sri Vedanta Desikan’s scholarship as truly outstanding and said that he had authored brilliant poems, prose, drama, epics, commentaries, scientific texts and philosophical treatises in Sanskrit, Tamil, Prakrit and Manipravalam. Naidu emphasized that Vedanta Desikan was much more than a spiritual teacher and said that he was a multi-faceted personality– a scientist, a logician, a mathematician, a literary genius, a linguist, a military strategist and much more.

Referring to Sri Vedanta Desikan’s humility and non-attachment to worldly honors and his affinity to a life of simplicity and service, the Vice President said Sri Desikan considered the grace of the Lord he worshipped and served as his greatest treasure.

Pointing out that one of the essential features of Sri Vedant Desikan’s philosophy was the aspect of inclusion, Naidu said that anyone, irrespective of caste and creed could join the Sri Vaishnava fold. ‘This is a truly democratizing movement that obliterated caste distinctions’, he added.

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