PM Modi should be shown exit door : Manmohan

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today advised his countrymen that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be shown exit door as his five-year rule has been “most traumatic and devasting” for India’s youth, farmers, traders and every democratic institution.

Ahead of the fifth of total seven phases of Lok Sabha polls, 2019, he dismissed the notion that there was a wave in favour of Modi. He asserted that the people have made up their minds to vote out the government that “does not believe in inclusive growth and is only worried about its political existence at the altar of disharmony”.

He accused that the past five years only witnessed “stench” of corruption peaking to “unimaginable proportions”, adding demonetisation was perhaps the “biggest scam” of independent India.

He also called Modi’s Pakistan policy “slipshod”, which he said was marred by a series of “flip-flops” — from going to Pakistan uninvited to inviting “rogue” ISI to the Pathankot air base in connection with the probe into a terrorist attack.

Singh, known as the architect of India’s economic reforms in 1990s, felt the country is headed for a slowdown and accused the Modi regime of leaving the country’s economy in “dire straits”.

He said people are “fed up” with the daily rhetoric and cosmetic change by the current dispensation and there is an undercurrent against this “illusion and boastful self aggrandizement”.

He claimed the “gross intelligence failure” in Pulwama speaks volumes about this government’s preparedness to tackle terror.

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