Rahul says EC is “completely biased”

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has took severe exception for the Election Commission giving clean chits to all complaints of code violation against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah. He dubbed the poll panel is “completely biased”. He also attacked the BJP on its compromising approach on terrorism and saffron leaders’ repeated reference to armed forces while seeking votes.

“When it comes to issues of the BJP, the EC is absolutely on the straight line, when it comes to the Opposition’s issues, it is completely biased,” he said. “All this institutional capture that is taking place and all the negative effects of it will have consequences in the future. We are not going to allow Indian institutions to be disturbed, controlled, crushed and anybody who colludes, anybody who falls to this pressure, is committing a crime,” he added.

Alleging that the BJP is compromising in dealing with terrorism, the Congress president said his party’s government would adopt an approach much tougher than that of the Modi government. Accusing Modi of using armed forces for political mileage, Rahul Gandhi said that the NDA had insulted the Army by saying that UPA’s surgical strikes were video games.


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