Is Mamata blocked PM Modi’s Bengal visit !

The tussle between West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Cyclone Fani has taken a new turn today with the Prime Minister Office (PMO) sources claiming that the West Bengal state government had rejected their request for a review meeting.

Prime Minister Modi, who reviewed the damage caused to Odisha due to Cyclone Fani earlier today, said he wanted to do the same for West Bengal. The PMO had even written to the state about the planned review meeting. However, sources from the PMO said the Mamata Banerjee-led government has replied negatively, adding that officials in the state are busy with election duty.

The Bengal government, however, denied having any intimation of the meeting. “The chief secretary of the state has no intimation, verbal or written, from the PMO on this proposed meeting over damage assessment of cyclone Foni. Hence, the question of refusing to attend the meet does not arise,” sources in the CMO said.

Earlier, on Sunday, PMO sources had denied that the Prime Minister did not call up Banerjee for updates on Fani, which barrelled through Odisha and caused widespread destruction. Sources said the PMO staff had twice tried to connect the Prime Minister to the West Bengal CM on phone, but on both occasions, she didn’t return the call.

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