France reiterates support for India’s permanent seat in UNSC

France, which assumed the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council for the month of March, has reiterated its support for India as the permanent member of the powerful UN body. The nation also reiterated its support for Germany and Japan as permanent members of an expanded UNSC.

Speaking on the occasion, French Permanent Representative to the UN, François Delattre said that enlargement of the powerful UN body in both permanent and non-permanent categories is the first crucial part towards its reform. He said that the reform of the Security Council through its enlargement is one of the key areas and key priorities of their diplomacy.

France has stated that the key to UN reform is openness through three different areas – the openness of the Security Council that entails expansion of the 15-nation body, partnership and openness to civil society.

François Delattre stated that the UN cannot be recognised as a centre of gravity for multilateralism throughout the world unless it can step-up partnerships and focus should also be made on openness to civil society, business world, NGOs and trade unions, which are all stakeholders that breathe life into the UN.

He called for enlargement of the Security Council in two categories of non-permanent and permanent categories – India, Brazil, Germany and Japan – and equitable representation of Africans.

The next Presidency of the Security Council would be taken over by Germany in April 2019. The German Ambassador to the UN, Christoph Heusgen, also pointed out that the Security Council, in its present composition, does not reflect the realities of this world.

Both France and Germany together stressed on the need to have reforms, adding that the UNSC will lose its legitimacy if reforms are not brought on soon.

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