Modiji, have you built one Ram Temple ?, Mamata asks

 Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusations that West Bengal government has been arresting if any one says `Jai Shri ram’, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, today, questioned him as to why he has not built even one Ram temple yet but is busy chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Mamata asked him “You BJP babu, you say ‘Jai Sri Ram’ but have you built even one Ram temple?”

While addressing a public rally in Bishnupur, the TMC supremo snapped at the Prime Minister, saying “At the time of elections, Ram Chandra becomes your party agent, you say ‘Ram Chandra is my election agent’. You say ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and force others to say it”.

This comes after PM Modi hailed Lord Rama with the chant at his Jhargram rally and dared Banerjee to have him arrested. PM Modi was referring to a recent incident where three people were reportedly arrested for allegedly chanting “Jai Shri Ram” when the Chief Minister’s convoy was passing by.

“Didi has thrown people into jail for chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. I thought of greeting her with the chant so she can throw me behind bars, too. I will then serve the innocent people who are in jail for chanting in praise of Lord Ram,” the Prime Minister alleged.

A video circulated on Whatsapp on May 4 showed Banerjee stepping out of her vehicle in a bid to confront a group of people chanting “Jai Shri Ram”,

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