Six EVMs, 1 VVPAT recovered from a Bihar hotel

In a major security breach, as many as six Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and a VVPAT were recovered from a hotel in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur. District Magistrate of Muzaffarpur Alok Ranjan Ghosh said that the sector officer unloaded the machines in the hotel room, thus, going violating the rules.

It is said that sector magistrate Avdhesh Kumar had taken the EVMs to the hotel since his driver went to cast his vote. Following the recovered of EVMs from the hotel, locals gathered and protested against the magistrate. They raised suspicions of wrongdoing by the in-charge.

A show-cause notice has been issued to the district officer over the violation of poll duties. Further, the officer will need to provide a proper explanation as to how the EVMs reached the hotel room.

“He shouldn’t have unloaded the machines in the hotel which is against rules. Since he has violated a departmental investigation will be done, ” the DM said. He added that an investigation into the matter will be done.

Alok Ranjan Ghosh also said, “Sector officer was given some reserved machines so that it could be replaced with faulty ones. After replacing EVMs he was left with 2 balloting unit,1 control unit and 2 VVPAT in his car.”

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