KCR plan to return Congress-fold !

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who had promised to merge his party with Congress party if the Congress-led UPA government fulfils his dream of Telangana statehood, is said to be once again making moves to join hands with the Congress party after the results of Lok Sabha Polls 2019 declared. As the Congress was unhappy with him as he ditched them in 2014 after bifurcation of the state. He not only failed to keep his promise to merge his party with Congress, even he avoided poll alliance with it. It had resulted very costly for Congress, which was rooted out in both Telugu states.

In recent times, he is seen of having tactic understanding with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His move of `Federal Front’ to bring together all non-BJP and non-Congress parties, mostly regional parties was also seen as a tactic step directed by Modi to bring division among anti-BJP parties in the country, so that the opposition may not unite against it.

Though KCR was silent on his `federal front’ move, suddenly since a week he started exercise particularly to bring several parties in the south together, so that to play crucial role in the government formation at the Center after poll results. He had already visited Tiruvanthapuram and held discussion with Chief Minister P Vijayan. He had telephonic talk with Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and also planning to meet DMK chief MK Stalin in Chennai.

However, contrary to the belief that KCR is attempting to unite regional party leaders to form a formidable non-Congress and non-BJP combine, sources close to Kumaraswamy suggest that Rao is looking to be an ally of the Congress and has sought JDS’ help to ease the transition. As JDS is sharing power with Congress in Karnataka and both HD Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy are having good relations with Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, KCR is expecting they can mend ways for him to return to Congress-fold

Due to his strained relations with Congress leadership and also Congress is the principle opposition party for him in Telangana, KCR finds it difficult to directly approach Congress. Till now he has given impression that he is keen to join union cabinet, as he was confident that Narendra Modi will return. KCR, along with opposition leader in Andhra Pradesh YS Jaganmohan Reddy are keen to support Modi, if the BJP failed to get absolute majority in the polls.

However, latest indicates are convincing that it may be difficult for the BJP to return to power. Sensing that Congress will have clear chances of forming next government, political circles are viewing that he is looking avenues to reach Congress leadership.

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