Modi’s `achche din’ over, `bure din’ about to begin, says Mayawati, Akhilesh

BSP supremo Mayawati and SP chief Akhilesh Yadav today said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s achche din are over and that his “bure din” are about to begin. Addressing a rally in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, the BSP supremo said that the first five phases of the elections had shown that the mahagathbandhan’s prospects were improving on a daily basis.

“Our (electoral) prospects are improving…the prospects of the opposition alliance will further improve in the remaining two phases of Lok Sabha polls,” she said. Claiming that the BJP leaders had lost their sleep ever since the SP-BSP-RLD alliance was formed, she asked the voters to ensure a historic win for Yadav, who is the joint opposition candidate from the Azamgarh seat held by the SP in the outgoing Lok Sabha.

Referring to the prime minister’s frequent references to the alliance as “mahamilawati”, Mayawati said, “We are not ‘mahamilawati’, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is ‘mahamilawati’.” Mayawati, who has not held back her punches either for the BJP or the Congress, also slammed the latter in the same breath and said that both the national parties were two sides of the same coin.

“Both have the same nature and character,” she said, adding that Modi was trying to create a rift in the alliance and that the voters should not fall prey to this design. His good days are over and bad days are starting,” she added.

Continuing in the same vein as Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, claimed that the mahagathbandhan had received tremendous support in the state. “From the support we’ve got, we know that our mahagathbandhan is going to win the maximum seats in the state,” he said.

“There has been a rain of votes for the mahagathbandhan in the last five phases of polling,” he added. RLD’s Ajit Singh, speaking last, said that the BJP and PM Modi had seen the writing on the wall and that all colour was drained from his face.

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