Priyanka dares PM Modi to fight next two phases on GST, notebandi

Strongly retorting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s challenge that the Congress should fight the remaining two phases on Bofors and Bhopal Gas tragedy, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today dared him to fight the remaining two phases on issues like GST and notebandi.

He challenged the Prime Minister stating that “this Delhi girl throws an open challenge to you to fight the remaining two phases on GST, women security and all those false promises which you made to the youths of the nation”.

Lambasting the NDA for invoking late Congress leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi and blaming them for various issues plaguing the nation so many years later, she said, “Their situation is like that of those children who don’t do their homework and go to school. When teacher asks them, they say,  ‘What can I do? Nehru took my answersheet and hid it. Indira took it away, made a paper boat out of it.”

The Congress general secretary has held roadshows to campaign for two candidates including Sheila Dikshit, who is contesting from Northeast Delhi, and boxer Vijender Singh, the Congress candidate from south Delhi.People jostled with each other to catch a glimpse of Priyanka Gandhi. Some were also showering rose petals on her as the minibus passed by.

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