India is an important market for co-operation among chinese companies and is now a major investment destination: Wuxi Mayor Huang Qin

Bengaluru, 09 May 2019: A high level delegation led by the Honorable Mayor of Wuxi government H.E. Mr. Huang Qin visited Bangluru for seeking business cooperation with India. The delegation of 11 members consist representatives from local government, commerce department, investment promotion bureau were in Bengaluru seeking business co-operations with Bengaluru based businesses in the areas of Information Technology and Pharmaceutical. The delegation is also inviting companies to set up operations in Wuxi in their industrial park with special privileges and incentives.

The details of the delegates are as follows

  1. Huang Qin,Mayor of Wuxi Municipal Government
  2. Zhang Mingkang,Secretary-General of Wuxi
  3. Wang Xing,Director of Wuxi Bureau of Commerce
  4. Chen Minghui,Director of Wuxi Foreign Affairs Office
  5. Zheng Yunxiang,Director of Wuxi Customs
  6. Yu Ying,Officer of Wuxi Foreign Affairs Office Asia Pacific Division (Translator)
  7. Yuan Kaikun,Deputy Director of Wuxi Bureau of Commerce
  8. Xu Shaoyu,Senior Project Manager of Wuxi Investment Promotion Bureau
  9. Ji Chao,Deputy Director of The General Office of Wuxi
  10. Di Huishen,Deputy Director of Wuxi Investment Promotion Bureau
  11. Gao Qiongling,Deputy Director of Economic Department of Wuxi Daily

The delegation visited STPI and IT and Pharma companies. They also interacted with around 60 companies operating in the space of Information Technology, Construction & Infrastructure, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing and other process based companies in a seminar in Bengaluru at Hotel Conrad.

While talking at the programme the mayor said “Though Wuxi is not as big as Shanghai, Guangzhou or Chengdu , it is one of the Mainland china’s most innovative cities. It is also one of the top 10 FDI strategic cities hosting many large businesses such as IKEA, ROCHE, Astra Zeneca, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nutricia, Pfizer etc., Wuxi  also has become the base of china in the areas of Innovation and Technology and High Tech industry and is acknowledged as the birthplace of China’s IOT and Cloud Computing. Wuxi has been hosting the World IOT Expo  for more than 3 years”. He also added that “India is an important market for co-operation among chinese companies and is now a major investment destination”

Speaking at the event Mr. K Ravi, Past president of FKCCI said “While China is a giant in the hardware sector, India is renowned for it’s Software development prowess. There is a need to create a synergy between these information technology systems to mutually grow”. He also added “The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has launched the country’s first India-dedicatedd publicly offered investment fund and said that the indian market offers the best opportunity for chinese investors due to prospects of double-digit growth”

The delegation visit and interaction was organized by Indo China Economic and Cultural Council (ICEC), a non-profit, membership based organization facilitating economic and cultural engagements between India and China for over a decade. Mr. Mohammed Saqib,  Secretary General of ICEC  and Mr. Jairaj Srinivas, Head, Bangalore Chapter represented ICEC in the Meeting.


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