Air India declares over 40% discount upto 3 hours before take-off

Air India today offered unimaginable discount in prices. It has decided to provide discounts in excess of 40 percent for tickets booked upto three hours prior to departure. The move is expected to particularly benefit those who travel due to an emergency and are often faced with very high ticket prices.

 “Such high prices are a deterrent and the national carrier has therefore decided for the domestic sector that very last moment inventory, that is, available seats within 3 hours of departure would be sold at a hefty discount, normally exceeding 40 percent of the selling price,” said Air India in a statement.

The decision, officials said, was taken during a commercial review meeting at Air India headquarters held yesterday. “Tickets can be purchased from all outlets including Air India Booking Counters, Air India Mobile App, Air India website and Travel Agents,” added the statement.

Last month Air India had also offered “special” fares to Jet Airways passengers stranded at international stations. Jet Airways had earlier stopped all operations as it failed to secure interim funds from the lenders.

“As a gesture of goodwill and to mitigate the hardship of the 9W stranded passengers at international stations, Air India will be offering special fares to such passengers,” an Air India official had then said. “Passengers holding confirmed RT tickets on Jet Airways will be allowed to avail a Special Stranded passenger fare from the destinations common with Air India,” he had added.

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