Mayawati says PM Modi remarks “laughable”, “immature”

BSP supremo Mayawati today sharply reacted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusations of both BSP and SP are involving in caste politics. She termed Modi’s remarks as  “laughable” and “immature” .

The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister lamented that the language used by the BJP showed it has realised “definite loss in polls” and is “frustrated” and making baseless and absurd allegations.The BJP, she asserted, is not coming to power again and Modi’s dream of becoming the PM again will not be fulfilled.

In a tweet, Mayawati said the allegation that “our alliance is casteist is not only laughable but immature also. Narendra Modi, who is not backward by birth has not faced pain of casteism. Such a remark for the alliance should have been avoided, as it is not correct”.

She alleged that Prime Minister Modi indulged in casteism by describing himself ‘zabardasti ka pichhda’ (backward). Had he been backward by birth, she said that the RSS would not have let him become the Prime Minister. What RSS has done to leaders like Kalyan Singh is known to all, she added.

Instead of levelling allegations against the alliance, Mayawati suggested that “Modi should have looked at Gujarat where, I have come to know, Dalits cannot lead an honourable life. A Dalit man was not allowed to ride a horse during his wedding.  She deplored that atrocities are committed on Dalits in Gujarat almost on daily basis.

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