Modi, Mayawati clash over Alwar gangrape

Both BSP chief Mayawati and Prime Minister Narendra Modi today clashed each other over the gangrape of a Dalit girl in Alwar, Rajasthan. BSP chief Mayawati alleged that Prime Minister Modi is doing “dirty politics” over the gangrape of a Dalit girl in Alwar. The former chief minister also assured of action by her party in the matter. Modi countered by saying she is shedding “crocodile tears by only making statements”.

“In the wake of this incident (Alwar gangrape), Modi is doing dirty politics. BSP for sure will take required political decision if strict action is not taken in the case,” Mayawati said.

Strongly attacking her, Modi, at a rally in Kushinagar, urged Mayawati to withdraw support from the Rajasthan government- accused by both the Prime Minister and the BSP supremo of brushing the gang-rape case aside for political gains. “Behenji you will have to answer, why didn’t you withdraw support to Rajasthan’s Congress government after a Dalit daughter was gang-raped in the state? You are shedding crocodile tears by only making statements,” Modi said during the campaign.

Mayawati retorted with a list of incidents she thought the Prime Minister should take responsibility of.”BSP will take a required political decision soon, but why is PM Modi not taking the responsibility of the incidents in the past, such as Una flogging incident, Rohit Vemulla case or other cases pertaining to Dalit atrocities. Why is he not resigning?”

A woman was allegedly gang-raped by five men while her husband was beaten up in Thanagaji area of Alwar district in Rajasthan on April 26. A video of the incident was shot by perpetrators, who threatened to make the video public if they reported the matter. The couple had reported the matter to police much later on May 2.

Meanwhile, Union minister and BJP ally Ram Vilas Paswan demanded a CBI probe into the rape of a Dalit woman in Rajasthan’s Alwar and accused the Congress government in the state of hiding the crime for several days for electoral benefit. He accused that the state government is responsible for such a “condemnable” development. He alleged it did not allow a case to be filed until the election concluded in the state.

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