Rahul Gandhi is Confident ‘Love Will Conquer BJP’s Hate’

Congress president Rahul Gandhi today declared that “Love will conquer BJP’s hate. After exercising his franchise at the polling booth in NP Senior Secondary School in Delhi’s Aurangzeb Lane in the sixth phase of Lok Sabha election, he said, “The election was fought on key issues including demonetisation, farmer problems, Gabbar Singh Tax and corruption in Rafale. Narendra Modi used hatred in the campaign and we used love and I am confident love will win… ”

Rahul’s love plank has been overused in this election, largely by him Rahul himself while speaking of politics that the BJP and the Prime Minister indulge in- in his words ‘of hatred’.

Recently addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Shujalpur, Rahul Gandhi reverted to PM Modi’s attack on his family and said he would “never hate Modi” as he believed the “PM can be defeated only with love”.

“I don’t hate Modi. Modiji, you can say whatever you want to. Hatred cannot overcome hatred. Modiji cannot be defeated with hatred, he can be defeated only with love,” Gandhi added.

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