BJP women leaders scared to see their husbands around PM Modi : Mayawati

The political blame game erupted over the Alwar gangrape case in Rajasthan between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BSP supremo Mayawati has taken an ugly turn today with Mayawati branded PM Modi does not respect women as he left his wife.

She claimed that women legislators in the BJP fear that if PM Modi meets their husbands, they will leave their wives as PM Modi did. “In BJP, married women leaders get scared when they see their husbands around PM Modi. They fear that this Modi will separate them from their husbands,” Mayawati claimed in a press conference.

BSP chief Mayawati accused the prime minister of playing dirty politics over the case that has brought the Rajasthan government in the dock. She accused Prime Minister of abandoning his wife for the sake of politics. “PM Modi left his wife for the sake of Politics. Wives of BJP netas fear that their husbands too might abandon them if like Modi if they grow close to him.” she added.

“Narendra Modi was silent on Alwar gangrape case. He’s trying to play dirty politics over it. So that in the elections his party can be benefited. It is extremely shamefully. How can he respect others’ sisters and wives when he has left his own wife for political gains?,” alleged Mayawati.

Mayawati accused PM Modi of raking up the issue for Dalit votes. “The PM wanted to attract Dalit votes so he is showing fake love for Dalits in his rallies. Dalits have not forgotten Shabbirpur incident of Saharanpur. Dalits have not forgotten the Rohith Vemula and Una incidents,” she added.

BJP candidate from Odisha’s Puri, Sambit Patra reacted to Mayawati’s comment, tweeting, “I was listening to Mayawati ji on TV. The words that she has used for PM Modi are deeply hurtful. What kind of mentality is this? Such hatred for Modi ji? Why? Because he considered the country his family over his real family? Mayawati ji for you your brother is bigger but for Modi ji the country is bigger.”

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