Mayawati suffering from “political depression” : BJP

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Dinesh Sharma accused that BSP president Mayawati is suffering from “political depression” as she fears defeat of her party’s candidates in the general election under way and as a result, she is losing her temper and patience. He claimed Mayawati is showing weakness and her memory is fading. “All these symptoms are clearly visible in the statements of the BSP supremo,” he added and suggested that she is needed a “political health tonic”.

Sharma said that the symptoms of her “depression” will become more evident in coming days and she will make “anaap, shanaap” (loose) remarks. “It is for this reason that she is calling the prime minister a ‘fake backward’. She must revamp her memory, and for this she needs a political health tonic,” the deputy chief minister said. Asked what he meant by “political health tonic”, Sharma said, “Once dignity, transparency and uprightness are adopted, it will work as a political health tonic (for her). By using undignified words, the political health will certainly not improve.”

Sharma, however, said the way Prime Minister Modi has worked to uplift the Dalit community, backward classes, the oppressed and deprived sections, “has instilled fear in Mayawati.” “The BSP government (in UP) had done nothing for the welfare of the common man… It is the Modi government, which is developing the Panch Teerth (to honour B R Ambedkar),” he added. Sharma alleged that Mayawati pretended to be a Dalit, but she did nothing to uplift the community. Inhone Dalit hone ka sirf dhong kiya hai, he said.

“It was the Modi government, which for the first time allocated over 75 per cent of its budget for the poor, farmers, backward classes and Dalits. This is the reason for her nervousness,” he added. Sharma said the chiefs of BSP and SP, who gave themselves “certificates” for being concerned about Dalits and backward classes, have been rejected by people, who consider Modi “pramaanik” (authentic). “These people (opposition parties) divide society on the lines of caste, creed and religion. PM Modi believes in the principle of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas,” Sharma added.

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