PM Modi says Mamata lost her mental balance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stepped up his party’s attacks on Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at a rally in Bengal’s Basirhat, accusing Trinamool Congress of letting its goons loose because the party was scared of its defeat in the national elections.

He lamented that the BJP wave in Bengal has scared Didi and look to what level she has stooped. He blamed her party for the violence at his party president Amit Shah’s Kolkata roadshow, last evening,  where statue of renowned Bengal reformer, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, was destroyed and a college named after him ransacked.

“Mamata Banerjee is high on power and wants to strangle democracy… Mamata Didi had declared publicly two days ago that she will avenge every inch of space that she loses to the BJP…. She has fulfilled her agenda within 24 hours,” he alleged.

PM Modi also panned the chief minister for the arrest of a youth BJP leader in Bengal for sharing Mamata Banerjee’s morphed photo on social media. Her arrest has already been criticised by the BJP which has sought to use the incident to project Mamata Banerjee as a dictator.

The prime minister recalled Mamata Banerjee’s outburst at two students who asked her an inconvenient question at a televised interaction. Then he came up with an offer. “You can draw my picture… make it as offensive as you want and after 23 May when I win, you can come over to gift it to me,” PM Modi said at the rally.

Moments earlier, the prime minister had predicted his victory in the national elections and declared that Bengal would contribute a big share. “I will accept the drawing and treasure it… I will not file an FIR against you,” PM Modi said.

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