Stalin denies BJP’s claim of DMK talking post-poll deal

DMK chief M.K. Stalin has strongly refuted BJP state chief Tamilisai Soundarajan’s claims that he was negotiating a post-poll deal with her party leadership. Stalin not only denied her allegation but also challenged her to prove it or else quit politics. On his part, he said he would leave politics if she was able to deliver the proof.

Speaking to reporters at Thoothukudi, with AIADMK leader and state food minister R. Kamaraj seated next to her, Dr Tamilisai responded with a broad smile to a question on whether Mr Stalin was in talks with the BJP. “That’s true and everyone knows it. They change colours — on one side Rahul, K. Chandrasekhar Rao… and Modi on another side”, she said, obviously referring to the Telangana CM’s visit for talks with Stalin.

Hitting back, Stalin said despite coming from a political family known for uprightness, Dr Tamilisai has now stooped low in uttering “a blatant lie”. It was he who had proposed Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate of the Opposition combine and it was he who had spearheaded the campaign to unseat Narendra Modi from being Prime Minister. The BJP was “sowing confusion” as it was now terrified being “on the verge of defeat”, he alleged.

The DMK chief also recalled that he had consistently attacked Modi, described him as “fascist”, “sadist” and “authoritarian”, whose government must be unseated in this election for heaping “untold miseries” upon the people in the past five years. And he has been talking against Modi not just in Tamil Nadu but also at the Mamata Banerjee-sponsored rally of Opposition parties in Kolkata.

As for Telangana Chief Minister KCR, he had met him last year too while the Monday rendezvous was just a “courtesy call”, insisted Stalin. He asserted that the DMK would not be involved in any “backdoor dealings” in making alliances. “The DMK has been transparent. We have made clear who should be the Prime Minister and who should be not. The DMK is determined Modi should not become PM again, he said, adding: “We are even more clear that Rahul Gandhi should head the next government.”

The DMK’s ally, the Congress, also hit out at Dr Tamilisai, with PCC president K.S. Alagiri accusing her of uttering falsehoods “only out of desperation” and scared of defeat in the elections. When even West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had refused to speak to Modi when he called her to discuss Cyclone Fani, “what is Stalin going to discuss with the PM?” asked Alagiri.

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