China secretly building up its military presence adjacent to India

Although the 73-day standoff between India and China over the Doklam issue came to an end, reports suggests that China is secretly building up its military presence in its area adjacent to India. A latest report reveals that the People Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) in China is reportedly operating Divine Eagle Jet UAVs from Malan Airbase and H-6K bombers from the Hoping Airbase.

Divine Eagle UAVs is known to be the world’s largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The length of the eagle jet UAV is about 15 meters and its wings size is 35 to 45 meters. These jets which can detect stealth fighters like F-22 and F-35 of US have airborne early warning systems.

The H-6 bomber is a variant of Soviet Tupolev TU-16 twin-engine medium-range bomber used by China’s PLAAF. The latest version of H-6K, which has been designed for long-range attacks, is considered as a strategic bomber. As per some reports, H-6K is capable of attacking US carrier battle groups with nuclear-strike capability.

Earlier reports revealed that China has deployed H-6 Bambar on Hopping Airfield of Tibet, just 200 kilometers from Sikkim border. Currently, the deployment of divine eagle jets at Malan airfield located in Xinjiang Autonomous Region worries Indian security agencies.

The report states that People’s Liberation of Army (PLA) has taken full control of Hoping Airfield and has placed it under the Western Theater Command (WTC). Hoping Airbase also known as a Shigatse Airport is a dual-use military and civilian airport. PLA is also reported to have inducted 155mm calibre vehicle mounted Howitzer in WTC unit.

As per certain intelligence inputs, PLA has attempted to build permanent constructions for hangers in the Hoping airfield to protect the aircraft on ground during air raids. Meanwhile, China has deployed Howitzer units in WTC which is capable of achieving a maximum range of 50 km with an extended-range projectile. It is also capable of firing GPS and laser-guided precision munition.

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