Exit polls predicts YSRC landslide victory in AP

Exit polls predicts landslide victory to YSR Congress Party chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Intriguingly, while most have predicted a YSRC sweep in both the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, exit polls by Today’s Chanakya, C-Voter-Republic TV, and RG-Flash of former MP Lagadapati Raja Gopal favoured N Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party (TDP) holding out hope for the yellow party and suggesting that the results might go down to the wire.

India Today-Axis and the Hyderabad-based CPS gave YSRC 130-135 and 130-133 Assembly seats respectively. Both claimed TDP would be restricted to 37-40 and 43-44 seats respectively. According to another Hyderabad-based agency, Aaraa, YSRC may win 117-135 segments and the TDP 38-56. Aaraa, much like the CPS, came up with a more or less accurate survey after last year’s polls in Telangana. Its survey says YSRC would up its vote percentage to 48.78 per cent while the TDP’s could be down to 40.15 per cent. Film actor Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena is likely to get 0-2 Assembly seats, as per India Today-Axis exit polls.

Aaraa gave Jana Sena vote share of 7.81 per cent, suggesting Pawan’s party ate into the TDP’s vote share this time around. In 2014, the TDP had won 102 Assembly seats and the YSRC 67 but the difference in vote share between them was marginal with the TDP-BJP alliance (with Pawan’s support) securing 46.69 per cent and the YSRC 45.01 per cent.

As far as the Parliamentary exit polls are concerned, Times Now- VMR gave YSRC 17 seats and the TDP 8. Similarly, India Today-Axis predicted 18-20 seats to YSRC and 4-6 to TDP. Interestingly, Today’s Chanakya, gave TDP a massive 14-20 seats. YSRC, according to Today’s Chanakya, is expected to get 5 to 11 Lok Sabha seats. C-Voter-Republic TV too gave an edge to Naidu’s party with 14 seats over 11 for YSRC.

Jan Ki Baat-Republic TV, however, claimed YSRC could win 13-16 Lok Sabha seats and the TDP 8-12. News18-IPSoS survey too said the battle between the two parties could be neck-and-neck predicting 13-14 seats for YSRC and 10-12 for TDP. Interestingly, it claimed the BJP could win a seat in Andhra — something unthinkable. NDTV’s poll of polls gave the YSRC 15 Lok Sabha seats and 10 to the TDP. NewsX-Neta, on the other hand, gave a whopping 20 seats to the YSRC and five to the TDP.

Out of the 175 Assembly segments in the State, most exit polls gave YSRC over 110 seats. However, the controversial Lagadapati Raja Gopal’s RG-Flash said the TDP would form the government with 90-110 seats. The former Congress MP, whose prediction in Telangana Assembly elections last year proved wrong, said the YSRC would manage to clinch 65-79 seats. In 2014 too, most of the exit polls favoured the YSRC. However, finally, the TDP, supported by Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena and the BJP, won 102 seats.

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