NDA sweep may dent KCR’s national ambitions

With exit polls predicting a landslide victory for  NDA, the TRS which hoped to play a major role at a national level in the formation of the next government, might pipe down and remain contended with the rich harvest of Lok Sabha seats it is expected to reap in Telangana.

Even though signals are in favour of the BJP,  the TRS, nonetheless, has not yet given up hope of finding some elbow room to jockey itself to play a role in the formation of a non-BJP government, in the event of the exit polls going wide off the mark, which is not very uncommon.

At the moment, it appears the TRS will not have many roles to play in the Centre. It will be limited to Telangana state and it is likely to maintain government-to-government relations with the centre at Delhi.  The added advantage this time is that since the TRS would have more number of Lok Sabha seats which would help it have much better bargaining power for securing projects and funds for the state.

As the BJP is likely to form the government on its own, it is expected that the TRS would prefer conciliation to a confrontation with the centre to protect the interests of the state.

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