Financial Assistance o upto 50 lakhs available for Idea to POC in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning says IT & BT Director

Bengaluru 25 May 2019: The World Trade Centre Bengaluru organized a talk on Cyber Security to discuss how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Cyber Security are being used for the good and the bad. While people are investing in automating and cutting down mundane tasks and to solve problems that a human would take multiple of cycles of work, Hackers and Criminals are investing a lot on Artificial intelligence and machine learning towards data theft and causing financial frauds.

The  Event was participated by

  • Mr. Girish, Managing Director, Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society and also part of the Department of IT / BT, Government of Karnataka
  • Mr. Ravi Kishore, CEO, Centre of Excellence, Cyber Security, K-Tech
  • Mr. Sharath M D,  DSP, Cyber Crime Police Station, CID, Bengaluru
  • Mr. Subrahmanya Gupta Boda, Head – Digital & IT System,s Bridgade Group
  • Mr. Balaram Menon, President WTC

While Mr. Girish said Karnataka Government is investing a lot of activities towards capability building, encourage startups, training and incubation of startups in these new generation technologies, separate Centre Of Excellence have been created under the Departmetnt Information Technology & Bio Technology to enrich activities for Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Aviation, Internet Of Things, etc., He mentioned that the Department of Information Technology and Bio Technology offers financial assistence for upto 50 laksh for developing Idea to POC for anyone in the areas of Articificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , Cyber security.

He also mentioned that india is moving very slow in the areas of  implementing and capturing the 5G market whilst South Korea has already implemented it and others are following soon. The goal is to try and implement 5G in the next 24 months.

Mr. Ravi Kishore spoke on the State of AI and Cyber Security policy where the Legal Autonomous Weapons Systems need to be taken care of as many of the robot experiments have gone wrong and have turned hostile at many times. He stressed that the final switch towards any activity should be that of the Human and while building the technology, the robots should be controlled.

Mr. Sharath while speaking on Cyber Security, mentioned that things are getting more complicated with technology advancement and the profile of the victims are worrying. In most cases which has been received by the cyber crime cell are that of highly education who fall prey in the hands of fraudsters. Also flexibility in the Jan Dhan, No Aadhar linking, Paytm bank and other wallets have become a boon for fraudsters to create fake profiles, bank accounts and cheat customers


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