Modi says time to regain India’s place in world

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, last evening, said the next five years will be the time to regain the rightful position of India in the world order and engaging people in solving their own problems. He addressed his first rally after the Lok Sabha victory in his home state of Gujarat where he also met his mother and sought her blessings before taking oath on May 30.

Speaking at the rally in Ahmedabad, Modi said, “The next five years will be very important in the history of the country, as was the period between 1942 to 1947.” “This period will be the time to regain the rightful position of India in world order. In the past our country had that place. I am sure India will regain its importance in the world order,” he added.

He also vowed to utilise his second stint in office to solve issues of the common citizens. “The coming years will be about ‘Jan Bhagidari’ (public participation in governance) and ‘Jan Chetna’ (raising awareness),” he said. Modi also expressed his grief over the fire tragedy in Surat, in which 22 school students died. Due to the mourning, Mr Modi’s rally was kept simple and shorn of pomp.

“Till yesterday, I was in two minds whether to go for this felicitation function or not as on one hand, there was ‘kartvya’ (duty) and on the other hand, there was ‘karuna’ (compassion) for those who died in Surat.,” he said. “On the other hand, I had to thank the people of the state and also take blessings of my mother as my duty,” the Prime Minister added.

Modi arrived in Ahmedabad last evening to a rousing welcome. He garlanded the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel near the airport and drove to the city in a car with BJP president Amit Shah and Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani. Thousands of people lined the roads to greet him.

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