Jaitley request his exclusion from new cabinet

Former Finance Minister and Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting that he be excluded from the upcoming NDA government so that he can focus on his health and treatment.  

In the letter, Jaitley described that it was a great honour to have been part of the NDA government for the last five years. After recounting the serious health issues he has faced in the last 18 years, Jaitley said that he had orally informed Prime Minister Modi of his decision to stay away from executing governmental duties today in the near future. This conversation happened prior to Prime Minister Modi leaving for Kedarnath.

.”I am writing to you to formally request you that I should be allowed a reasonable time for myself, my treatment and my health, and therefore, not be a part of any responsibility, for the present, in the new government,” he wrote.

Jaitley, 66, had not been attending office for about three weeks now and was admitted to AIIMS for undergoing tests and treatment for an undisclosed illness, sources said. In the letter, Jaitley said during the last 18 months, he has had “some serious” health challenges.

“My doctors have enabled me to emerge out of most of them. After the campaign had concluded and you were leaving for Kedarnath, I had orally informed you that even though I was able to discharge the responsibilities assigned to me during the campaign, I would in future, for some time, like to keep away

Jaitley was the leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha from 2009 to 2014. “I could not have asked for more,” Jaitley wrote. Jaitley though added that he would contribute as much as he can for the government and his party in an informal capacity.

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