Shiva Sena says it’s time for Ram temple to be built

BJP ally prominent NDA party, Shiv Sena, today once again asserted that the with Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to power for the second consecutive term Ram Temple will be built in Ayodhya. An editorial in the party’s mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ says that Ram’s work will be done with the BJP coming to power.

“The party with the mindset of Lord Ram has come to power in the centre. Crores of people have voted them to power so that Ram Rajya can be established in the country, all with the blessing of Lord Ram. Ram is the identity and pride of this country. Hundreds of karsevaks sacrificed their lives to build the Ram Mandir. Their sacrifice and blood will not go in vain, a government with such thoughts has been chosen by the people, with them coming to power, Ram’s work will definitely be done,” the editorial in Saamana read.

The editorial titled “Ram ka kaam hoga” (Ram’s work will be done) says that there is a sense of delight and excitement in the country about PM Modi’s oath-taking ceremony to be held on Thursday and compares it with Lord Ram’s “Rajyaabhishek” (coronation ceremony).

The editorial also lists other advantages of having Modiin power, which read, “No farmers will be forced to commit suicide, everybody will have two square meals a day, people will celebrate their festivals without being burdened by debts, the barriers of caste and religion will be broken. The dream of Akhand Bharat (Undivided India) will be realized and the whole world will hail the country of Lord Ram.”

The editorial dubs the opponents of PM Modi as “Raavan, Vibhishan, Kans Mama and party” and also asserts that the Supreme Court should take account of the feelings and mandate of Indian voters and give permission to begin construction of the Ram Mandir.

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