Jagan sets welfare agenda rolling

Sending a strong signal of his commitment for a welfare state besides assuring stringent action on corrupt deals of past, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister  YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, immediately after taking oath, has said that all Navaratnas will be implemented in toto and set a deadline for the decentralization of administration besides signing the first file on increasing the old age pension.

Amidst his brief address to the capacity crowd, in Vijayawada today, he had signed the first file increasing the old age pension which will be escalated to Rs 3,000 in phases and said that all the Navaratnas will be reach to the people and he will strive to provide a corrupt-free government.

Setting August 15 as deadline for the first step towards decentralization of administration, Reddy had said 4 lakh jobs would be provided by creating village volunteer jobs who will deliver the government schemes at the door step and they would be given a honorarium of Rs 5,000 each. There will be one volunteer for every 50 houses.

By October 2, Village Secretariats will be a reality as jobs would be created for 10 locals thereby employing 1.6 lakh more youth into the government fold who will ensure that all the government welfare schemes are being implemented without any glitches and they will be done looking beyond caste, religion or party lines and to drive out corruption. All applications will be cleared within 72 hours.

The aim is to provide a corrupt-free government and see that all the welfare schemes would percolate to the intended sections without any interruption.  There will be a call centre directly linked to Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) to record any incident of corruption or irregularity, he said. ‘I treat the manifesto as a sacred book all the promises made in it will be implemented in toto. The two-page manifesto will be visible and within the reach of the people,’ he added. The old age pension would increase from June 2019 to Rs 2,250 and in the coming four years will reach Rs 3, 000.

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