Rotary Pledges to plant 100crore seedlings to celebrate 100years of rotary in india

Bengaluru June 1: Rotary Bengaluru on Saturday organized Sahadharma Koti Nati Programme in association with ISHA foundation at Palace Grounds to showcase the activities towards afforestation and to enrich the lands in Kolar and Chikkaballapur area. The dignitaries of the programme were Sadguru Jagadish Vasudeva, Founder of Isha Foundation, Shri. K  Amaranarayana, Retd. IAS, Rtn. Ravishankar Dakoju, Rtn. Suresh Hari and others.  The Event concentrated to showcase all community activities as executed by all clubs of Rotary Bengaluru (district 3190)

Sadguru speaking to a crowd of 1200 Rotarians said that the Ecology and Economy should work together, if not the ecology will not survive. There is a need to build bigger roads and bigger infrastructure for the economy to grow, but while doing so the ecology should also be considered and we should grow trees around these infrastructures. It is the trees that will enrich the soils which are dying. The soil requires 2% of Organic content for it to survive, but in today’s date, 40% of India’s soil has an organic content of less than 0.05%. The only way to put organic content to the soil and replenish it is to put the leaves of the tree and animal waste into it for which planting trees and tending animals is required. He mentioned that Human beings have been fed with the worst idea that Heaven is the best place to live and for which they mess up the earth. Those who think that there is a better place in the form of heaven should leave now and those who think this is the best place should transform it. People are already in heaven and are making an absolute mess of it. The full talk of Sadguru is in the below video.

Rtn. Ravishankar Dakoju spoke that this year should be the year of giving back and there should be a rally for peace between India and Pakistan. Hence rotary is organizing a Biking Rally from Kanyakumari to Wagah border carrying the message of peace.

K. Amaranarayana, Retd. IAS, Govt of Karnataka and Chairman of Rotary KOTI NATI project mentioned that over 10 crore seed balls have been planted in the barren lands of Chikkaballapur and Kolar. He mentioned by this the forest cover has increased to 33% and at this point of time, over 36 lakhs of plants are ready which would benefit 40000 farmers. Also, around 2000 acres of government land is available for planting. He said that the KotiNati project is the result of the Man-made disease due to climate change. We have a Problem and we have to solve it. A pledge was taken by all the Rotarians to plant 100 crore plants to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in India and KotiNati (1 Crore planting) is the start of it.

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