Bangalore: Over the last year, 89 million travellers visited France exploring the sounds, sights, and the smell of France. Out of these about 59 million tourists choose to see the spectacular countryside along with the beautiful Paris. France countryside has always been famous for its serenity and tranquility. Their offerings to unmatched vineyards and French cuisines are most times experienced only on the French mainland rather than in Paris, the capital city of France.

Based out of Bengaluru, Founded in 2017, France by French is a delightful story of two friends who are deeply passionate about travelling, discovering new places, authentic experiences and learning more about various cultures.

France by French was set up to allow Indians to experience the culture of France as the French do. Their conviction is to uncover the diverse beauty and hidden gems that France beholds which is unknown to the Indian consumer currently. The team has spent months researching and travelling across France to put together experiences and trips which are only known to the locals. These experiences are aided by travel companions called travel buddy/ Keeper who ensures that you experience the French warmth and hospitality and make some great friendships along the way.

“As a strong believer of the potential growth of France as mono-destination travel with Indian consumer, we have put months of research to create unique itineraries based on my own authentic experiences” adds Paul Martin, the French founder of the company.

“With competitive air-fare for international flights, improving Indian economy and social media boosting travel inspiration amongst the Indian audience, we strongly believe in the growth potential of France as the mono-destination,” says Apoorva Uniyal, co-founder.

For exclusive travel planning and to contact France by French, one could connect with Apoorva Uniyal on  9900026516 or

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