Imposition of Hindi a brutal assault on our states : Siddaramaiah

Amid the government’s attempts to douse the controversy, Congress leader and former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah today joined the voices against the Centre’s draft national education policy. The policy recommends making the teaching of Hindi compulsory up to Class 8.

Several political parties and academicians in non-Hindi speaking states like Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal have already voiced their views on this educational policy. In a series of tweets, Siddaramaiah said the Centre was imposing Hindi on the states and asked it to give them “more space”.

“Ours is a land that exhibits Unity in Diversity. Peaceful coexistence is the need to establish harmony &any force shall work against the laws of society. For us Kannada is an identity, and learning any other language should be by Choice and not by imposition. #StopHindiImposition (sic),” Siddaramaiah tweeted.

He also wrote: “New National Education Policy draft imposes Hindi in non Hindi states and this goes against our sentiments. If recognition of regional identity is inconsistent according to few then imposition of Hindi is nothing but a brutal assault on our States. #StopHindiImposition (sic).”

“Instead of imposing Hindi, the government should focus on recognising regional identities & give more space to the states to express and manifest their ideas through their own culture & language. We are all Kannadigas in India. #StopHindiImposition.”

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