Akbar tried to misbehave with Bikaner queen : BJP

Rajasthan BJP chief Madan Lal Saini raised uproar claiming that Mughal emperor Akbar tried to misbehave with the queen of Bikaner in the all-women Meena Bazaar. He also said that Akbar “was not great” and used to visit the establishment of Meena Bazaar in disguise to “exploit” women.

“The entire world knows that Akbar organised ‘Meena Bazaars’ where only women worked. Men were not permitted to visit them. But Akbar used to visit them in disguise to commit ‘dushkarm’,” claimed Madan Lal Saini.

He was speaking on sidelines of a function to mark the birth anniversary of Mewar king Maharana Pratap in Jaipur. Asserting that the kind of misdeeds Akbar used to commit is recorded on the pages of history, the Rajasthan BJP chief said that the Mughal emperor used to organize Meena Bazaar with this sole purpose.

Saini claimed that a Rajput woman and the Bikaner queen, Kiran Devi, who saw through Akbar’s “ill intentions”, pushed him to the ground before, put a knife to his chest and forced him to plead for his life. Meena Bazaar has been closed since that day, he added.

He lamented that comparing Maharana Pratap with the Mughal emperor is making a mockery of the history.The BJP, while it was in power in Rajasthan, had decided to remove the suffix ‘Great’ from Akbar’s name in schoolbooks and maintained that Akbar had lost to Maharana Pratap in the battle of Haldighati.

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