BJP to Remain in Power Till 2047 : Ram Madhav

BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav is sure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will break the record of the Congress party for the longest-serving party in power and BJP will remain in power when the country will witness its 100 years of independence.

Addressing the party’s victory rally at Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhavan in Agartala, Tripura, the BJP leader claimed that the party did not use military achievements to win the general election.

“We got a massive victory because we succeeded in stopping communal unrest, corruption, building a strong India and introducing financial stability in the last five years,” Madhav said. “Our party did not use military achievements to make it to the Parliament,” he added.

“The BJP government, under Narendra Modi ji’s stewardship, will go a long way. We are confident that the party will still be in power in 2047 when the country will celebrate the centenary year of Independence,” Madhav said. “Nationalism is in the BJP’s DNA,” he added.

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