Credit for pro-incumbency must go to the team of officials : PM Modi

Prime Minister,  Narendra Modi said that the recent General Elections, have been marked by pro-incumbency, for which credit must go to the entire team of officials, which worked hard, conceived schemes, and delivered excellent results on the ground, over the last five years.

Interacting with all Secretaries to the Government of India, at LokKalyan Marg, last evening, he said the Elections this time have been marked by a positive vote, which emerges from trust that the common man feels, based on his day-to-day experiences.

The Prime Minister said that the Indian voter has outlined a vision for the next five years, and this is now an opportunity before us. He said that the huge expectations of the people should not be viewed as a challenge, but an opportunity. He said the mandate reflects the will and aspirations of the people to change the status quo, and seek a better life for themselves.

Speaking of the demographic dividend, the Prime Minister said it is essential that the demographics be utilized efficiently. Every department of the Union Government, and every district of each State has a role to play in making India a 5 trillion dollar economy, he said. He touched upon the importance of the “Make in India” initiative, and the need to make tangible progress towards this end.

The Prime Minister said that India’s progress in “Ease of Doing Business”, should reflect in greater facilitation for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He said the each Ministry of the Government should focus on “Ease of Living.”

The Prime Minister said water, fisheries, and animal husbandry, will also be important areas for the Government. He said that during the interaction today, he has seen that Secretaries have vision, commitment and energy to take the country forward. He said he is proud of the team. He urged everyone to use technology to improve outcomes and efficiency in each department.

The Prime Minister said that all departments must seek to leverage the upcoming milestone of 75 years of independence, which can inspire people to make a contribution for the betterment of the country. He urged everyone to hit the ground running, to fulfill the aspirations of the people.

Union Ministers Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman and Dr.Jitendra Singh, were present on the occasion.

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