Is it Ram Rajya ….now Tanushree questions PM Modi!

After Mumbai Police gave a clean chit to actor Nana Patekar  in the sexual harassment case, actor Tanushree Dutta has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the kind of vision he says he has for the country. Accusing police of taking bribe from the actor and not investigating the matter properly, the actor has released a new statement in the media that states that her case was dealt unfairly.

Taking Modi’s name in her statement, asked him why the daughters in the country led by him have to face such harassment when he talks highly of things like Ram-Rajya. “The Mumbai Police lied in its report to the court that my complaint with CINTAA did not have sexual harassment in it. They were given the copy of my handwritten 2008 complaint to CINTAA that clearly mentioned sexual harassment corroborating my 2018 FIR”, she said.

In 2008, he recalled that they had refused to even take her FIR and twisted and manipulated the complaint to protect the accused. Also, everyone remembers that CINTAA had issued a written apology for not addressing that complaint. Alleging that this is corruption at its grossest level, she asked how can they twist evidence like that and completely turn it against me and in favour of accused?

She also asked “Modi ji..what happened to a corruption free India?? A daughter of the country gets harassed by a serial offender, attacked by a mob in public, denied justice over and over again and her name is maligned, she is threatened, pressurised, her career is destroyed and literally driven out of the country to live a life of anonymity and your police force say her complaint is false and malicious!!! Yehi hai apka Raam Rajya??”

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