I will stand my criticism Modi a fascist : KCR

Recalling that he was the first person to criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a `fasctist’,  Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has asserted that he will still stand by hi criticism. He said that he will continue to oppose the BJP politically, but said that as chief minister he will maintain constitutional relations with the NDA government at the Center.

“I called him the most fascist ruler of the country. It was on record and I stand by it,” KCR said. He also reminded that his party was not a part of the NDA. “I mooted the idea of the federal front (of anti-Congress and anti-BJP parties). I will continue to make efforts in that direction,” he added.

KCR also strongly defended his decision of not inviting the Prime Minister for the inauguration of the Kaleshwaram project, which he claimed is the world’s largest multi-stage lift irrigation scheme, on June 21. The project would utilise water from the Godavari, which flows through Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

“Why should I invite the Prime Minister to every function? Is there any such rule? We invited Modi to the inauguration of Mission Bhagiratha in the past, though there was no financial assistance from the Centre despite a recommendation from NITI Aayog,” he said.

“Now, we did not want to invite him for the Kaleshwaram project inauguration. It is my dream project. The Centre has not given a single rupee for such a huge project.”

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