BJP had called 2 TDP MPs “Andhra Mallyas”

Among four TDP Rajya Sabha members, who had deserted to BJP last evening, BJP had earlier sought disqualify two of them, calling as “Andhra Mallyas”.  Citing corruption allegations against former union minister Y Sujana Chowdary and C M Ramesh, BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao had written a letter to Rajya Sabha Ethics Committee seeking to disqualify them.

In a letter to the Rajya Sabha Ethics Committee on November 28, Narasomha Rao, who is also Rajya Sabha member, had sought “suitable action” against both parliamentarians who he alleged were “involved in allegations of massive financial bungling and fraud”.

In the letter – which he had tweeted – he alleged that CM Ramesh was “involved in benami operations and evaded income taxes running into hundreds of crores”. YS Chowdary, he wrote, had been “charged by several public sector banks of defrauding them”, saying Enforcement Directorate investigations had revealed that “his companies have borrowed 5,700 crores and diverted them into several shell companies”.

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