Govt. should withdraw the Forest Amendment Act: BAA

The two-day national consultation of Land and Forest Rights Movements, organised by Bhoomi Adhikar Andolan (BAA), concluded today in New Delhi, has rejected the proposed amendments to the Indian Forest Act, 1927 and demands that the Forest Rights Act be enforced effectively.  The meet decided to jointly organize a massive demonstration by land and forest rights movements in Delhi on Sansad Marg, on November 28.

The meet has also decided to take up programmes and protest actions condemning the government actions, forest act amendments will be organized on July 22 at the village, block, district and state level.Further, the programme include the chief ministers of the country will be appealed in person or by letter to present the case in favour of the Forest Rights Act and the Adivasis in the Supreme Court.

It was also decided to intervene collectively in the ongoing case in the Supreme Court. It was also agreed that movements will intensify their solidarity to ongoing struggles on the ground and facilitate exchange and learning from each other’s struggle.

The meet has decided to reach out to the progressive and SC/ST MPs of the ruling party and the opposition to inform them of FRA and other laws and our approach to the issue. A committee was also formed to monitor the new measures, tactics employed, changes in the laws and other issues regarding the loot of the resources and then disseminate this information to the grassroots movements in simple language.

The two-day national consultation was organized in the backdrop of the Supreme Court ruling that came in February which posed a danger of destruction of immediate eviction of tribes and complete annulment of the Forest Rights Act. The movements have demanded for years that Forest Act, 1927 should be changed and there-fore, the organizations present in the House will prepare a new draft for this law.

It said that the government has understood that the Gram Sabha is the strongest weapon in the hands of the community in this country and thus, it is trying its best to take its powers away in a strategic manner by means of amendments and ordinances.

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