Hong Kong Extradition Bill Is a Grave Threat to Rule of Law

Over a million people of Hong Kong gathered to demand the retraction of the Extradition Bill introduced by the government on 9 June 2019 and continues to hold the line in front of the Hong Kong Legislative Council. The Extradition Bill allows the Chinese government the liberty to extradite people accused of crimes from Hong Kong to the mainland.

This bill poses a grave threat to the rule of law, fundamental freedoms, and the compromise of the justice system. This will disregard the separation of powers and allow the Chinese justice system to overreach into Hong Kong extraditing supposed criminals leaving the door open for targeting dissidents and political activists. This will strain fundamental freedoms such as freedom of expression, association, and assembly. A business haven that Hong Kong has become will also be threatened as any critics of Beijing’s economic policies will also be targets of this bill. This will also leave precedent that may be repeated in other countries in the region.

People of Hong Kong continue to protest on the streets calling for the retraction of the bill. The Asia Democracy Network stands in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and demands the retraction of the Extradition Bill calling for the preservation of the rule of law and fundamental freedoms. We also call on the respect for the freedom of expression and the freedom to peaceful assembly, and association during the protests.

The use of excessive force against the protestors must stop and peaceful protests must be respected.  A million people on the streets of  Hong Kong is strong evidence of the people’s genuine will against the extradition bill and should not be ignored by the Government. Hong Kong belong to the people and other interests that harm the people’s best interest and trust should not be considered as it weakens democracy’s live-lihood in the country.

The Asia Democracy Network sends its support to the brave people of Hong Kong in protesting for what they believe and demand the government of Hong Kong to retract the extradition bill that threatens Hong Kong’s free society through the disregard for fundamental freedoms and rule of law.

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