Jaipur added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list

UNESCO made Jaipur a part of its World Heritage List. In a session of its World Heritage Committee in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku , UNESCO added seven cultural sites to its World Heritage List, including those in Australia, Bahrain, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Laos.

“Unlike other cities in the region located in hilly terrain, Jaipur was established on the plain and built according to a grid plan interpreted in the light of Vedic architecture. The streets feature continuous colonnaded businesses that intersect in the centre, creating large public squares called chaupars,” UNESCO said in a statement.

“Markets, stalls, residences and temples built along the main streets have uniform facades. The city’s urban planning shows an exchange of ideas from ancient Hindu and modern Mughal as well as Western cultures. The grid plan is a model that prevails in the West, while the organisation of the different districts refers to traditional Hindu concepts. Designed to be a commercial capital, the city has maintained its local commercial, artisanal and cooperative traditions to this day,” it stated.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “Jaipur is a city associated with culture and valour. Elegant and energetic, Jaipur’s hospitality draws people from all over. Glad that this city has been inscribed as a World Heritage Site by @UNESCO.”

Union Culture and Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel congratulated the people of Jaipur and thanked the global community for recognising the historic and cultural importance of the pink city.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also took to Twitter to express his pleasure, terming the declaration a “matter of great pride” and that it “will add to the glory of capital city of Rajasthan”.” He said it will “give boost to tourism. Local economy will benefit along with improving of infrastructure.”

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