BJP has nothing to do with Karnataka crisis : Rajnath Singh

Amidst the crisis the Congress-JD(S) coalition is facing in the state of Karnataka, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said in the Parliament today that the BJP has no part to play in the resignations that are happening.

In the Lok Sabha session, he said, “Our party has nothing to do with what is happening in Karnataka. Our party has never indulged in horse trading.” “Our party never put any pressure on other parties’ leaders. The matter of Congress leaders resigning was started by Rahul Gandhi himself,” Rajnath Singh added.

“We’re committed to maintaining dignity of parliamentary democracy. Trend of submitting resignations was started by Rahul Gandhi in Congress, it wasn’t started by us. He himself asked people to submit resignations, even senior leaders are submitting their resignations,” Rajnath Singh also said in the Parliament.

This comes after the wave of resignations that have rocked the coalition government in Karnataka and it is struggling to survive. Almost a total of 21 MLAs of the Congress party have resigned voluntarily to make way for rebels while another Independent MLA submitted his resignation, saying that he will support the BJP.

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