Karnataka Speaker asks for fresh resignation letters from 8 MLAs

Karnataka Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar, who could well end up deciding the fate of the HD Kumaraswamy government, dropped clear hints today  that he might require the presence of rebel legislators before taking a decision on their resignations.

Out of 13 resignations, he said 8 are not according to law.” I’ve given them time to present themselves before me,” he added. He also underlined that he would need to be convinced that the resignations were “voluntary and genuine”. Ramesh Kumar hinted that the rebels would have to emerge from their secret location and meet him in person to enable him to take a call.

“If everything happens through postal correspondence, then I’m not required at all,” the assembly speaker said. Kumar also underlined that he had to be convinced that the resignations were voluntary

“The clause says if the Speaker is convinced that the resignations are voluntary and genuine then he can accept, not otherwise,” the Karnataka assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar said.

The ground rules for accepting the resignation would suit the Congress-Janata Dal Secular coalition that has been struggling to stay afloat. Over the past week, the 13 Congress and JDS legislators have sent across their resignation letters. Suspended Congress MLA and ex-minister Roshan Baig who handed over his resignation to the speaker today was the 14th.

Meanwhile, the Congress legislative party meeting chaired by Siddaramaiah, has decided to move for disqualification of all it’s dissenting MLAs. Legislative party chief Siddaramaiah announced that it wasn’t too late for the rebel MLAs to return and withdraw their resignations before the party petitions legislative assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar to disqualify them under the anti-defection law.

“Congress legislative party has decided to submit a petition before the speaker seeking disqualification of the members who are trying to resign. We believe it is an anti-party activity since they have colluded with BJP. Even now I request them to come back and withdraw their resignations,” he added.

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