India- New Zealand semi finals interrupted due to rain

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup semi-final between India and New Zealand was interrupted due to rain at Old Trafford, last evening.   With the reserve day coming in, the crucial match will resume at 3 pm (IST) today with New Zealand at 211/5 after 46.1 overs.

Today’s weather at Manchester is mostly cloudy with a few bright patches throughout the day. Scattered showers expected are but gradually turning more widespread and heavier in the late afternoon.

The temperature would hover around 18-21 degree Celsius with gentle breeze blowing around 8-9 Km/hour. There are high chances of rain playing a spoilsport today as well.

As per the rain rules of the International Cricket Council for the semifinals and the final, the umpires must try to complete the match on the scheduled match day by using the available extra time (120 minutes) and by reducing the number of overs down to a minimum of 20 overs per team in order to achieve a result.

If there is still no result on the scheduled match day, play will continue on the reserve day, using the same start time and hours of play as the scheduled match day. The reserve day will be a continuation, not a restart. Any advantage earned on the scheduled day will be carried through to the reserve day.

A tied match will use a super over to determine the winner. If the semifinal doesn’t reach a result even after the scheduled day and the reserve day, the higher placed team from the league stage will progress to the final, which in this case will be India.

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